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Try to update your website once a week. The changes don't have to be big. They could be very small like changing some text on the home page or adding comments on your testimonials page (SEE THIS MONTH'S ARTICLE BELOW). Any change will keep your site fresh, which is what search engines love. One of the worst things you can do for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to have a stale website. No one likes outdated information and neither do search engines.

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Website statistics cost just $5.00 + GST per month and offer an extensive range of valuable information about your website's performance, who is visiting, what countries do your visitors come from, what pages are most popular, what sites are referring to yours etc. etc. No other form of advertising offers this type of insight into your potential customers/clients. Are you paying for links to your website from other sites, if so your stats can show you exactly how many visitors are coming from those sites. Contact us to arrange to start receiving statistics now! Our newest clients have the price of stats built into their monthly hosting because we think it is vitally important to regularly check your website's statistics.

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World EquityConsumerism is an everyday part of most peoples’ lives and Denise & Peter at World Equity have utilised it in a positive way to assist those in need through cause-related marketing. Cause-related marketing occurs when companies link the purchase of products to supporting a cause which can generate a positive win-win scenario for the company and the cause. World Equity is currently donating a percentage from the sale of its products to children's kindergartens for the disadvantaged in Chile. These are run by a local Chilean charitable organisation Hogar de Cristo that assists the underprivileged in Chile. These facilities give disadvantaged children the chance to attend a preschool, an opportunity they would otherwise be denied due to their socio-economic backgrounds. provides details of products which they are offering for sale and a list of stockists where you can purchase these products. If you are a company that is interested in setting up a cause-related marketing campaign to support a cause in a developing country, you can sponsor World Equity by attaching their logo to your products and giving a percentage of their sale to that cause. World Equity can organise and facilitate this promotional campaign in association with your company. In doing so, your company will reap the benefits associated with good corporate citizenship. This is an interesting website and quite unique - a privilege for WWW Design to be selected to work for this worthy cause.

Build Trust & Credibility with Testimonials

Everybody has bought something that was either faulty or stopped working after a few days. Because of this, today's customers want to feel reassured that you are selling quality products and services. Customers do not want to lose money or feel like they've made the wrong decision. The best way to to assure customers is to have good, strong testimonials.

If a business has satisfied customers and return clients, it should have testimonials. Be proud of what you do and get some testimonials. Customer testimonials will help increase sales as well as boost the confidence of potential customers.

The Difference Between Good and Better
In order to have testimonials work for your business/organisation and increase clientele, you should be careful how you phrase them. Testimonials are a marketing ploy, which means that they need to be geared towards making your company look impressive. For example, instead of using "I love this detox", use "This detox helped me lose weight and increased my energy levels." The second testimonial is a lot more attention-grabbing and will be more effective in gaining a customer's confidence than the first. Encourage customers who are willing to write testimonials to be specific. 

Hand Pick Your Testimonials
If you don't have any testimonials, check your company's emails for customers who sent compliments. If you can't find any ones you like, look at your client list and find out who is buying your products and at what frequency. Phone or email a handful of your best customers and ask them to write a specific testimonial. If they agree, have them send a picture as well. This will give potential customers further reassurance of the validity of the testimonial.

Testimonials will not only improve your business, but will also improve your company's image as one that values customer satisfaction, so make the effort to get some strong testimonials. As an extra incentive you could consider offering a prize for the best testimonial received.

Tips for Effective and Conspicuous Locations

1. Once you have the testimonials, you need to work out where to put them on your website. Placement is crucial if you want your testimonials to give maximum impact. The most common place on a website is for them to have their own navigation link titled something like "Testimonials" or "Customer Feedback". This way more testimonials can be viewed on their own page.

2. Another effective option is to use rotating testimonials on a sidebar or prominent position on the index page (if you have any testimonials from known companies, you could offer to include the Company name and a link to their website as an extra enticement). An example of static feedback on the index page and also rotating product information can be found <<HERE>>.

3. Another way to present testimonials is to spread them throughout the site, highlighting them within the content using graphics, a colour block background or upper and lower bar, etc. These visual stops are equally effective in reinforcing your credibility and can act as an additional selling point for specific products or services.

4. A cost effective way to include audio or video testimonials, if you have them, is to load them onto YouTube and then have us link you site to the clip.  This can be very effective in boosting your company's credibility. Audio is easy to record using Audio Acrobat if you don’t have software already installed in your computer. Video, on the other hand, requires more thought to positioning and angles. If you are at a trade show or with a client, you may want to pre-plan these testimonials for more impact.

Remember that in order for a testimonials to be effective, they need to be specific, believable and placed in a prominent locations throughout your website. Using these guidelines, your testimonials should build customer confidence and increase the success of your website.

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