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It's December ... so, if you haven't already done so, now is the time to add a festive touch to your website.
For just $15 + GST we will put an animated Christmas image on your index page (together with message if required) and remove it again early in January - don't delay, do this now!!


Selling or buying a property or business?

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Feature website ...

In September, Courtneys' Christmas Tree Farm contacted us to have a total makeover of their existing website - What a fun website to work on and the end result speaks for itself! The Courtneys' have been growing spectacular Christmas trees since 1995 on their farm in Puriri (located between Thames & Paeroa). They also have an old barn on the property which has been converted into a superbly decorated Christmas tree shop where they have on sale a wide range of exquisite Christmas decorations. Around the barn are thousands of growing Christmas trees and visitors are invited to bring their families, select their very own tree and make the beginnings of the Christmas season a special time for everyone. The trees are also available at Mt Maunganui College during December (visit for locations and times).

Courteney's Christmas Tree Farm

Special message for clients with shopping carts on their websites ... please ensure that you manually check your shopping cart for orders on a regular basis, as it is possible that email notifications don't always "get through".

Ten Ways To Build Integrity Using Your Website

Building Trust with your websiteWhat is integrity? According to the dictionary, in short, it means “honesty”.

It is important that visitors can trust and believe what your website says, so here are 10 ways to achieve this.

1. Authenticate that the information on your website is accurate.

You can do this by getting third party support for the information you present. When you give links to your source material, even if people don't go to those links, you are showing your confidence and trust in what you're giving out.

2. Show visitors that your business is real ...

In this era of scams, inaccuracies and lies, it is important to display a physical address, photos of products and/or premises and a legitimate website for your organisation – simple ways to show your integrity.

3. Do you have experts on your staff?

Be sure to give their endorsement. Visitors want to be sure that your business is a respected organisation. Don't link with sites that are not credible as this could have a negative effect on your business simply by association.

4. Confirm that your experts are honest and trustworthy.

Show who they are through using videos (linking to YouTube videos is cost-effective and simple), images or detailing qualifications. If applicable, let visitors see that the leadership and training within your organisation is solid and true. Always promote the value of your staff or connections.

5. Clearly display your contact information.

You are running a business, so potential customers/clients need to be able to easily get in contact with you via email or phone, so it should only take one step on your website to display this information.

6. Make sure your website portrays your business in a professional way.

Your website should reflect your business exactly in the way you want it portrayed. Remember you have just seconds to gain the attention of someone who is surfing the net.

7. Your website should be easy to use.

Research shows that if it is difficult for someone to manoeuvre around and see all there is to see, they will not stay long and probably will not return.

8. Update your content regularly

This is one of the most important ways to ensure the success of your website – not only do search engines give more credibility to regularly updated websites, but visitors are more likely to return if they know that the content is regularly updated with fresh new information – remember your website is like a shop front – are you going to continue visiting a shop that has nothing new to show you? 
How long is it since you had your website updated?  If you don’t know the answer to this question, now is the time to update!!

9. Use promotional advertisements/banners in moderation.

Remember you are branding your business, so try not to inundate visitors with too many promotions and advertisements. Visitors are more likely to return if they perceive your website to contain genuine and informative content.

10. Avoid mistakes, no matter how small ...

Spelling and typing errors together with broken links can seriously damage a website’s credibility.


Implementing these ten simple, common sense suggestions, and ensuring that you are consistent with your efforts, will make your website more likely to be visited frequently, your visitors should increase and your search engine rankings should improve.

As with everything in business (and life in general), consistency is the key. Having a “burst of inspiration” for a month or two is not a recipe for success – keep at it and you will see results!


It's December ... so, if you haven't already done so, now is the time to add a festive touch to your website.
For just $15 + GST we will put an animated Christmas image on your index page (together with message if required) and remove it again early in January - don't delay, do this now!!

At WWW Design we are proud to have won a number of awards since our business was established in 1999, but without satisfied clients, awards would be of little value. We don't need to spend time chasing up new clients, as our work speaks for itself and we prefer to put maximum effort into servicing the needs of our existing clients which naturally leads to ongoing referrals for new business. 

Our own website is testament to our expertise.  *In a search carried out on at 8am on Wednesday, 1 December 2010 for "WWW Design", ranks No. 4 out of 646,000,000 possibilities - Click Here To View. *Please note that results may vary from quoted as is continuously re-indexed.

******** We will be available normal business hours over the Christmas period apart from 6-10 December (inclusive) when our office will be closed. ********

As this is our last newsletter for 2010 we would like to wish you all the best for the festive season!!

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