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Navigational Sitemap


We will create a customised Navigational Sitemap for your site and link it from your home page for $20 + GST << CLICK HERE TO PROCEED >> The Sitemap will list up to 500 pages of your website and can be linked from all pages of your website for an extra $1 + GST per page.

You can view an example of a Navigational Sitemap on WWW Design's website  << CLICK HERE >>

A Navigational Sitemap provides a road map of your website that can be used by your visitors, as well as by search engine spiders crawling your website pages. Your customised sitemap will reflect your content hierarchy and this way, all of your content, articles etc. can be reached via the sitemap.

NB.  If you already have a Sitemap on your website and pages have been added to your site since your sitemap was created, we will update your Sitemap for just $10 + GST


The importance of domain names ...


Buying Domain Names

Your domain name serves as the title for your business – it is essential that you give it the time and thought it deserves.

Regardless of whether your website is for business or personal use, here are a few helpful tips you can take on board to make your domain name choice a lot easier:

Dotcom prevails
Bearing this in mind it is advisable to secure the .com for your business, but to reinforce your location, New Zealander’s should opt for a .nz domain as it signifies that you are located and/or operating within New Zealand. This is very important, considering the Internet is placing a growing emphasis on geographic location.

WWW Design is now offering all .nz domains for $22.50 (including GST) – register your domain today.

To avoid any confusion, choose a domain name that is easy to spell. The last thing you want is for your audience to type your domain incorrectly, and as a result be taken to a site that is completely different to yours. Keep your domain name simple to avoid any missed opportunities.  Yet, in saying this, you should also purchase common misspellings of your domain name (see below).

Marketing appeal
Set your brand apart by using a catchy, marketable name that’s both short and easy to remember. Can you imagine advertising this URL on a flyer or huge billboard? You want to opt for a domain name that turns heads. If it’s your business name, that will work too.

It is extremely effective to use keywords within your domain name for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes. You should make it as easy as possible for people to find your business and know what your business is about. If you have a plumbing business, for example, use the words ‘plumbing’ or ‘plumber’ in your URL to identify your business trade.

There are boundaries to using keywords however – domain names that are too long or use excessive hyphens can be seen as spammy by Google and web users, so try to avoid long, keyword filled domains.

Buy the whole pie, not just one piece ...
Due to various URL extensions (.net, .org, .biz, .co), it’s important that you buy up all domain name extensions in a bid to protect your business brand. Purchasing all domain name extensions ensures that you won’t have to pay an inflated price later on if somebody else has already grabbed your highly effective domain name. Once you own all the extensions, we can simply redirect these to your preferred domain and there is no on-going charge for this service.

These are just a few reasons why domain names are so important. Not only do they help potential customers find your site, they also have the ability to seriously boost your rankings in search engine results.


7 reasons to get more than one domain name

Many business owners make the mistake of purchasing a single domain name. Over time this can prove costly for a number of reasons and it is highly recommended that business owners should obtain a variety of domain names for their business.

So what are the key benefits for registering more than one domain name?

Growth: Should your company go global and branch into international markets then it is important to have country specific domains. It is a well known fact that .com domains rank lower than country specific domains such as and

Misspellings: It is important that users can find your site. Allowing for misspellings of the name will mean you can direct users who misspell your business name to the right destination instead of sending visitors to an error page.

Competition: Acquiring more than one domain name for your business will mean avoiding annoying competition from rival businesses registering a similar domain name and restricting your marketing reach.

Offers:  Registering variants can enable you to market and promote different products and services or run competitions or special deals with an offer specific domain address.

Search: A website which has many domain names pointed to it is a lot easier to find. Customers much prefer having more than one way of finding you when searching the Internet.

Brand: Protecting your brand and online identity is essential for any online business. Securing a variety of names will inevitably boost your brand presence and prevent other companies commandeering the fundamental nature of your company.

Traffic: Purchasing keyword rich domains will play a valuable part in your SEO plan and should positively increase traffic and the ability to find your website in the top search engines.

WWW Design is now an accredited Domain Name Registrar offering bargain prices for all domain extensions, so register yours today.


Domain Names For Sale

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