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Optimise your Meta TagsMONTHLY SPECIAL - We will optimise the Title, Description and Keyword Tags on your home page and include a Robots tag and robots.txt file (if you don't already have one) for just $15 + GST.
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What is the Title Tag & Meta Tags? The contents of the Title Tag are generally shown as the title in search results (and of course in the user's browser). Meta tags are HTML codes, also inserted into the head section on a webpage after the title tag.  The meta description and keywords tag are not seen by users - the main purpose of these tags is to provide meta document data to user agents (eg. search engines). Meta Tags are not a magic solution to achieving a high search engine ranking, but they do control, to some degree, how webpages are described and ranked by some search engines. We recommend that you snap up this month's special offer if your website has been online for one year or more.

Get on the band wagon: why change is good ...


Why change is good for your business - SEOSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is continually developing. Things that worked great in the past can trigger a ranking penalty today. Technology is always undergoing change and you have to make sure that you do the right things if you do not want to become obsolete tomorrow.
Here are some things that you can do to make sure that your business gets the best results from search engine optimisation:

* Accept that change is constant *

Change is the only constant in life. Six years ago, tablet computers did not exist. Today, you can buy tablet computers in different sizes, with different operating systems, from different manufacturers. For a company that sells computer related goods, it wasn't necessary to have have high rankings for the keyword 'tablet'. Today, there are many different 'tablet' key phrases that can deliver a high return-on-investment.

To get lasting results, you have to watch trends. The words that are used by customers and prospects can change. Your business has to change when markets change. Get on the band wagon. Ignoring it won't work.

* Watch your competitors and learn from them *

Innovation and development is necessary if you want to succeed. Several years ago, Apple just built computers. Nowadays, they compete with companies such as Spotify. Netflix competes with traditional TV. The companies who are your competitors can change and you need to keep up with this change.

It is important that you always strive to have an edge over your competition.

* Think of SEO as an ongoing process *

Markets change and search engine algorithms change. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process. If you do not keep up with the changes, you might waste your time with methods that do not work anymore.

Set realistic expectations if you want to get lasting results. It usually takes some months until you see the results of your SEO efforts. If you conduct your SEO activities regularly, you will get high ranking pages that consistently remain at the top of the search results.


This month's special covers updating the metatags on your website and doing this regularly helps to ensure that your website is search engine optimised!


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