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Christmas Gift Deadlines
New Zealand - 18 December
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Rest of the World - 3 December

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Email Marketing Strategies - Sender Line More Important than Subject Line

The problem of spam email has become a huge annoyance to most of us and with no real solution in site, if email forms part of your marketing strategy (which it should), here are some tips to help avoid your emails being trashed unopened

The Sender Line Gets E-Mail Opened

Although we work on crafting brilliant subject lines that both create impact and elude spam filters, the unsung hero of the day is more likely to be the sender line. Research shows the sender line drives 65 percent of open rates. Subject lines drive just 35 percent.

The latest in sender-line theory shows the most effective sender fields are (in descending order):

The sender's name, if it's known to the recipient. This can range from the well-known CEO of a company to a day-to-day contact, such as the telephone receptionist.

Company name, if it's known and respected.

An unknown sender's name, as long as it's legitimate. People are more likely to click on the name of a real person than something that says "info@xyzcompany.co.nz" or "your friends@xyz.co.nz." (We are more likely to open an email with a real name on it, on the off chance it's from a prospective client or a colleague whose name escapes us.)

Don't Overlook Referral Marketing

You've heard it before: Put a forwarding message in your email. You'd be surprised how often this old recommendation is still overlooked.

Bear in mind "business readers know the value of sharing ideas and want to help their colleagues. So if they find something valuable, they're eager to pass it along."

It's up to you to remind them.

You can supercharge your forwarding message by:

Provide a reason for forwarding, such as the benefit of the product will be maximised if everyone in the office uses it. Or it's available for a limited time only at a reduced price.

E-Mail Is a Personal Medium

Email is"me-to-you" marketing ... so treat it as such ...

Address the recipient by name if possible.

Personalize as much relevant information as possible.

Make sure a signature is included which includes name, phone number/s and website link.

Write to prospects the way a salesperson would. Get to know their needs and wants. Making them feel good about doing business with you. And sell to them in the way they want to buy.

When you sit down to write your email message, look at your best customer profile. In your mind, create a picture of a real person who fits that description. Think about that person's day, the challenges he or she faces, and what about your product or service would make his or her life easier. Hand write a quick note to that person to get your thoughts flowing. A good email letter will probably come out of it.

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